My name is Nick Elvery. I started the Daily Habits Podcast to expand my passion for human potential. It’s been a life-long journey discovering what makes people tick. Why do some people excel and others not? What do some people do differently to get extraordinary results that others find impossible?

This podcast is about exploring what’s possible for humankind. I interview experts, thought leaders, CEOs of successful businesses, people with mind-bending stories with the aim to extract the mindset, daily habits, and strategies that have got them the extraordinary results in life. My mission is to help people live lives with more energy, focus and productivity to help them create the lives they love in as short as time possible.

Who am I? I’m a peak performance coach who works with high performing entrepreneurs and executives to optimise their lifestyle to maximise their energy, focus and productivity. This enables them to get more done in record time, still have the free time to enjoy all areas of life and with optimal health.

Click here to learn more about my personal story from drug addict to peak performance coach.

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