Free event – Tuesday 24th April 2018 – 09:30 start

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The Empowered Entrepreneurs Meetup

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, make new friends and share game-changing ideas.

Hosted by Nick Elvery – Peak Performance Coach –

The Empowered Entrepreneurs Meetups are a series of events that are designed to connect a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about building businesses that make a positive difference to people’s lives.

These aren’t your typical pitch fest entrepreneurial events where people are more interested in ramming their business cards down your throat and getting a sale.

This is about building a community of people who care, want authentic connection and genuinely want to see people succeed.

This meetup is being hosted at London Campus a Google Space. It’s a co-working office owned by Google in the heart of Shoreditch.

The event starts at 09:30 where all guests will be given free Bulletproof Coffee, the amazing brain boosting coffee drink that will switch your brain on, give you smooth energy and make you feel great. This is also a chance to socialise with fellow entrepreneurs and expand your network. You’ll never know who you might meet!

10:30 – Nick Elvery will be giving a talk on his top five most effective peak performance strategies.

  • The brain-boosting, fat burning coffee recipe and benefits
  • The power of the ketogenic diet on brain function and rapid weight loss
  • How blue light could be crippling your performance
  • The benefits of red light and how to use it
  • The power of breath for focus

11:00 – A short break

At 11:15 the live podcast recording will be starting. This is will be your chance to be part of a Daily Habits Podcast episode and take part in the live Q&A to ask the panel guests your questions on how to build successful businesses.

Panel Guests

Adnan Ebrahim – Founder and CEO of CarThrottle

Adnan has built from scratch the largest online community of millennial car enthusiasts the world has ever seen. This multi-million-pound business has gained a huge global following with offices in London and New York. Their platform boasts over 500 million video views per month, over 7 million Facebook fans and a youtube following just shy of 2 million.

Shazz Bhunnoo – Founder and CEO of Spaces

With £4000 pound in his bank, Shazz created within one year a portfolio that was valued at seven figures. The Urban Living portfolio grew gradually over two years and became the largest private landlord for fully inclusive room rentals in the area. His multi-million-pound asset base and strong cash flow has allowed him to create an incredible jet-set lifestyle that many dream of but few manage to pull off.

12:30 – Socialising/Networking

13:00 – Event finish

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